Morley Mortiser Setup Steps

Before you get started, please be sure to check out this video for a detailed look at setting up your Mortiser:

Since this video has been created, we've made a few small tweaks that we think have improved the design, but are not covered in the video. Outlined below are a few of the important things to make note of before you get started:

  1. Sub Top T-Nut
    In your parts kit, we have included a threaded T-Nut.

    This T-Nut is for the underside of the Sub-Top part.  It is used to secure the through bolt which controls the travel in the Top.  Although it's not completely necessary, it will help to grab when tightening the twist knob.  Please Note: you do not need to bear down on the star knob twists - slight pressure will prevent the top from moving.

  2. Limiter Bolt
    The Top part (with the 5/8 slot) has 4 through holes which are used to limit the travel of the limiter block.  We have made the recess for the bolt head slightly undersized and will require that you hammer the head down into the hole.  This will secure the bold from rotating while tightening the start knobs.  Just be sure to hammer the head so that is not protruding from the bottom.

Please reach out to if you have any questions about setup.  We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.